Afrin region urges Syrian state to defend border against Turkey

Syrian Kurds mourning their dead in the conflict

BEIRUT/WASHINGTON - The autonomous Kurdish-run administration in Syria's Afrin region on Thursday called for the Syrian government to defend the region's border with Turkey against Turkish attack in a statement posted on its website.
"We call on the Syrian state to carry out its sovereign obligations towards Afrin and protect its borders with Turkey from attacks of the Turkish occupier ... and deploy its Syrian armed forces to secure the borders of the Afrin area," the statement said.
Meanwhile, the Pentagon said on Thursday it was in talks with Turkey about the possibility of creating a security zone in northwest Syria, despite the Turkish foreign minister saying earlier in the day it would not be right to discuss such a zone until trust issues between the two countries are resolved.
"Clearly we continue to talk to the Turks about a possibility of a secure zone, whatever you want to call it," Lieutenant General Kenneth McKenzie, joint staff director, told reporters.
During the same briefing, Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White said she had seen media reports about Turkey asking the United States to move troops from Manbij, but did not know of any change in posture.