Interpol approves Palestine membership bid

Delegates attend the 86th INTERPOL General Assembly at Beijing National Convention Center in China.

BEIJING - Interpol on Wednesday approved an application by the Palestinian Authority to join the international police organisation despite Israel's staunch opposition.
The Palestinian bid was part of efforts to push for membership in international institutions to advance the goal of statehood.
Israel consistently opposes such attempts and lobbies hard against them. It claimed victory last year when the Palestinian bid to join Interpol was suspended.
The Palestinian candidacy was approved along with a bid by the Solomon Islands as the organisation held its annual general assembly in Beijing.
"New member countries State of Palestine and Solomon Islands bring INTERPOL's membership to 192," Interpol said on its Twitter account.
Palestine gained observer status at the United Nations in 2012 and since then has joined more than 50 international organisations and agreements, according to the Palestinian foreign ministry.
Among them are the International Criminal Court and the United Nations heritage body UNESCO.