IS claims attack on Karak tourist spot in Jordan

Jordan is part of US-led coalition

AMMAN - The Islamic State jihadist group on Tuesday claimed responsibility for an attack at a popular tourist destination in Jordan that killed 10 people including policemen and a Canadian.
Four "soldiers of the caliphate" with machine-guns and hand grenades carried out Sunday's assault in Karak targeting Jordanian "apostate" security forces and citizens of the US-led coalition battling the jihadists in Syria and Iraq, an IS statement said.
The shooting spree in Karak, home to one of the region's biggest Crusader-era castles, also wounded 34 people, including a second Canadian.
Jordanian authorities said four gunmen were shot dead by police during the course of a siege that lasted several hours.
The jihadists had sought refuge in the Crusader castle after opening fire on police patrols and a police station in the city in southern Jordan, according to the authorities.
IS identified the four dead militants and said the attack was revenge for the US-led coalition's air campaign targeting jihadists in Syria and Iraq.
It also pledged to carry out further assaults on countries within the US-led coalition.
Jordan is part of the alliance and also hosts coalition troops on its territory.
On Monday, Jordanian police said they found suicide belts and other explosives in the hideout of the suspects behind the Karak attack.