HSF denounces Algeria’s migrant expulsion as “shame for Africa”

Nigerien migrants deported from Algeria gather to retrieve their belongings at the International Organization for Migration migrant transit center in Agadez, Niger

RABAT - The non-governmental organization "Horizons sans frontières" (Horizons without borders) denounced on Friday the expulsion of sub-Saharan migrants by the Algerian authorities as "shame for Africa".
"HSF denounces the expulsions of migrants and violations of human rights in Algeria, a gesture that is a shame for Africa," said HSF President Boubacar Seye in a statement released Friday in Dakar, calling for a harmonization of migration policies.
"The images relayed by the international media on the situation of distress of migrants in Algeria do not do honour to the African continent, at the moment when Europe is a fortress", emphasized HSF.
"The daily life of these migrants, mostly sub-Saharan migrants, wavers between xenophobia, racism and expulsions threatening their security in this very tense geopolitical context," said the same source.
It also stressed that the rise of racism in large cities like Algiers and Oran risks creating the domino effect across the country.
In 2014, according to Seye, some Algerian media, like the daily “Al Fajr”, spoke of the thousands of Africans “who invaded” the streets of the capital.
The Algerian daily “ Echourouk” accused the migrants of transmitting infectious diseases to the Algerians, while the another daily “Al Fadjr” accused Sub-Saharan migrants of "spreading epidemics like AIDS and Ebola virus disease.”
"It can safely be said that these are really violations of human rights, in particular Articles 3 and 5 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights," noted HSF.
The NGO urged the international community to heed attention to the fate of these migrants "in situations of distress, vulnerability and submission in Algeria".
It also called for responsibility and respect for human dignity as well as harmonization of migration policies in Africa for sustainable human development.