Deadly coalition strikes hit police HQ in Yemen capital

Almost-daily strikes since March

SANAA - Saudi-led coalition jets have struck a police headquarters in the rebel-controlled Yemeni capital Sanaa, leaving many dead and wounded, rescuers said Monday.
"At least 30 people have been killed and wounded," a source in the emergency services said, adding that "search operations are ongoing" to find victims buried under the rubble of the two-storey building that partially collapsed.
The building in central Sanaa was struck overnight, the source said, adding that a nearby mosque was also hit by the strikes.
Civilians were among the casualties, the source said, but further details were not immediately available.
The Saudi-led coalition has been carrying out almost-daily strikes since March against Iran-backed rebels who have seized control of large parts of Yemen including Sanaa.
More than 5,800 people have been killed in Yemen since March, about half of them civilians, according to the United Nations.