Show of force: Huthis shoot dead protester in Yemen’s Baida

SANAA - Shiite militiamen in Yemen killed a protester on Thursday when they opened fire on a rally in support of the beleaguered Western-backed president, a medic and activists said.
Thousands of people had joined the demonstration in the central city of Baida, which the Huthi militiamen who control the capital seized last month, organisers said.
"One person was killed and others were wounded," said organising committee member Fahd al-Tawil.
A medic confirmed the death and said that at least seven people were wounded, one of them seriously.
Demonstrations in support of President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi have multiplied since he escaped from house arrest in the capital last month and resumed power from second city Aden.
They have been particularly widespread in confessionally mixed and mainly Sunni central provinces where opposition to the Shiite militia runs deep.
The Huthis control much of northern Yemen but Aden and adjacent southern provinces are largely in the hands of troops and paramilitaries loyal to Hadi.