US citizen wounded in Saudi gunmen attack

This is the fourth recent attack on foreigners in Saudi Arabia

RIYADH - Two US citizens came under gunfire Friday in Saudi Arabia, and one of them was wounded but "in stable condition," police said.
It was not immediately known who shot at them.
The two were travelling on a road in Eastern Province's Shiite-populated Al-Ihsaa governorate at the time, said a police spokesman in a statement published by the official SPA news agency.
This is the fourth recent attack on foreigners in the kingdom, which joined a US-led coalition against jihadists in Syria and Iraq in September.
Last month, Saudi authorities arrested three supporters of the Islamic State group for shooting and wounding a Dane in his car in Riyadh.
Also in December, an assailant stabbed and wounded a Canadian while he shopped at a mall in Dhahran on the Gulf coast.
Canada and Denmark are also taking part in the air campaign against IS.
And in October, a Saudi-American who had been fired from his job with a US defence contractor shot dead an American and former colleague and wounded another in Riyadh.
In November, Saudi Arabia blamed IS-linked suspects for the killing of seven Shiites, including children, in Eastern Province.
Several Westerners in Saudi Arabia were killed in a wave of Al-Qaeda violence between 2003 and 2007.