UN approves sanctions against illegal oil exports from Libya

What belongs to Libya stays in Libya

UNITED NATIONS - The UN Security Council on Wednesday unanimously approved a resolution sanctioning illegal oil exports from Libya, after a North Korean tanker was boarded by the US Navy.
The resolution, sponsored by the United States, authorizes member states to inspect vessels on the high seas suspected of smuggling crude oil from Libya.
It also requires member states to deny entry to their ports of suspect vessels, and to forbid transactions involving smuggled Libyan oil by their nationals or people in their territory.
US Navy SEALs boarded the North Korean-registered ship Morning Glory on Monday in international waters southeast of Cyprus.
The tanker had slipped through a Libyan naval blockade of the eastern port of Al-Sidra -- controlled by rebels seeking autonomy from Tripoli -- after reportedly being loaded with some 234,000 barrels of crude.