Bahrain presses ahead with anti-terror operations

Threat to security and stability

DUBAI - Bahraini police said Monday they defused a homemade bomb in a car on a main road in Manama.
Police on Sunday "found and defused a pipe bomb and two gas cylinders that had been placed inside the car," they said in a statement.
"The car raised suspicion when it was identified as a stolen vehicle," it said, adding that an investigation was launched.
Bahrain remains deeply divided three years after Shiite-led uprising, with regular protests sparking clashes with police, scores of Shiites jailed on "terror" charges and reconciliation talks deadlocked.
The bloodiest attack since authorities put down the 2011 uprising took place earlier this month when a bomb blast in the Shiite village of Daih killed three policemen.
Last year, authorities increased the penalties for those convicted of violence, introducing the death penalty or life sentences for certain cases.