Israel’s planned airport to affect Jordan’s own airport

Project not in line with 1994 peace treaty

AMMAN - Jordan said Wednesday Israel's plan for a new airport near the Red Sea resort of Eilat, would have "a big impact" on safety at the kingdom's own airport in neighbouring Aqaba.
"It will have big impact on the safety of operations at Aqaba's King Hussein International Airport," Transport Minister Lina Shabib told MPs.
"The distance between Aqaba's airport and the planned airport is very short, which will affect takeoff and landing as well as safety measures."
The two towns lie less than 10 kilometres (six miles) apart.
The new airport would be located in Timna, northeast of Eilat, in the southern Aravah region of the Negev desert.
It will replace Eilat's current facility, in the centre of the popular tourist destination, as well as the Ovda international airport in the Negev.
The airport, expected to cost 1.6 billion shekels ($471 million, 328 million euros), "does not meet international standards by the Civil Aviation Organisation to build airports," Shabib said, without elaborating.
Shabib also said the project "is not in line with the peace treaty" that Jordan and Israel signed in 1994, but did not give details.
The minister said officials from the two countries are now in talks on the issue.