Iran nuclear talks to resume in Geneva

VIENNA - Talks between experts from Iran and world powers on implementing last month's nuclear deal will resume on Thursday in Geneva, a spokeswoman for EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said Wednesday.
"The technical talks will be resumed tomorrow and continue until Friday" in Geneva, Nabila Massrali said via email.
The experts held four days of talks in Vienna last week but the Iranians walked out after Washington expanded its Iranian sanctions blacklist.
Under a landmark November 24 deal struck in Geneva, Iran agreed to roll back parts of its nuclear programme for six months in exchange for modest sanctions relief and a promise not to impose new sanctions.
But Washington last week put a dozen overseas companies on a blacklist for evading its sanctions, angering Tehran even though Washington said the new measures did not constitute new sanctions.
The six-month nuclear freeze, which has not started yet, is aimed at reducing the time Iran would need to develop a nuclear weapon and building confidence while a long-term comprehensive accord is negotiated.
Iran denies wanting nuclear weapons but many in the international community suspect otherwise, and neither Israel -- widely assumed to have nuclear weapons itself -- nor Washington have ruled out military action.