Morocco king appoints Baraka as President of Economic, Social and Environmental Council

King Mohammed VI paid tribute to Benmoussa for his loyal efforts as head of the Council

RABAT - Morocco’s King Mohammed VI appointed Nizar Baraka as President of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (CESE), according statement from the Royal Office.
Baraka, who resigned from his position as Minister of Economy and Finance, took over from Chakib Benmoussa who has been appointed as Morocco’s ambassador to France.
King Mohammed VI commended Baraka’s expertise and skills as well as carrying out the various responsibilities he was tasked with in order to boost the Council’s contribution to sustainable human development in Morocco, said the statement.
Benmoussa submitted to the King the Council’s annual report which presents an assessment of the economic, social and environmental situation of the Kingdom, for the year 2012 during their meeting at the Royal Palace in Rabat.
This report relies on field investigations and hearings as well as the various thematic reports of the Council, in addition to debates and expert panels. It gives an overview of the past year, highlights the progress made, pinpoints inadequacies, and finally recommends ways to move ahead in the fields of development and economic competitiveness, human development and social cohesion, and the environment, the statement said.
This annual report was adopted by the CESE's General Assembly, which is made up of representatives of professional associations, labor unions, civil society groups, experts and high profile personalities, the statement added.
Benmoussa submitted to the King the outline of the new model of regional development project in the southern provinces, and the different stages of its creation.
The Moroccan monarch paid tribute to Benmoussa for his loyal efforts as head of the Council.