Grillings return to Kuwait parliament: Interior minister targeted

Accused of giving contradictory orders to security forces

KUWAIT CITY - A Kuwaiti MP on Sunday filed to question in parliament the interior minister over allegations that his ministry was dealing with Israel and for failing to control opposition-led protests.
Shiite lawmaker Faisal al-Duwaisan claimed in his grilling request that the interior ministry has purchased a border security system to fortify the emirate's border with Iraq from SENSTAR Corp in Canada.
Duwaisan said that SENSTAR is totally owned by Israel's Magal Security Systems which means that the interior minister has violated the Israel boycott laws and committed a "grave mistake".
He said Interior Minister Sheikh Ahmad al-Homud al-Sabah, a senior member of the ruling family, is responsible for sending a delegation from the ministry to SENSTAR plant in Canada to inspect the security system.
He claimed that continuing the project with the Israeli company and ignoring Kuwait's national interests "amounts to treason ... and to subjecting Kuwait's national security to danger".
Duwaisan also charged that the minister has so far failed to control opposition-led protests by giving contradictory orders to the security forces which means "he is incapable of handling this sensitive issue".
The grilling is expected to be debated in parliament after two weeks and could lead to a no-confidence motion which if passed would mean an automatic dismissal of the minister, according to Kuwaiti law.
Oil-rich Kuwait has seen a number of demonstrations over the past several months in protest against amending the electoral law by the emir.
Opposition groups had even boycotted the December 1 polls and continue to demand the dissolution of parliament.
Last week, MP Hussein al-Qallaf, another Shiite lawmaker, filed to grill Communications Minister Salem al-Othaina over allegations of administrative irregularities.
Several other MPs have also threatened to file to grill the oil and finance ministers.