Traditional Market hosts Hana Ammar art exhibition

Drawing heritage

ABU DHABI - The art exhibition of artist Hana Ammar, entitled "Do they not look at the camels, how they were created?", is witnessing an outstanding turnout at the Traditional Market of the Camel Mazayna at Al Dhafra Festival 2012, which is organized by the Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority. Visitors of the Market have been flocking to the Exhibition site to discover the paintings that have camels for a theme. The public has also an opportunity to help in the painting of the longest canvas about camels.
Being able to bring out the qualities that characterize camels, the strokes of artist Hana Ammar has put a spell on the visitors of the Exhibition. For the Exhibition, the title of which is inspired by the verse of the Holy Quran that reads: "Do they not look at the camels, how they were created?", highlights the various attributes of the camels like patience, intelligence, pride, and marvels of creation.
Ammar said that the paintings follow the techniques of the airbrush and the leaf in addition to a study on the camel portrait and the beauty and magnificence it holds. The artist has focused on the categories of the Assayel and Majahim that are at the centre of the Camel Mazayna. The paintings depict the length of the neck as if it reaches the sun and the moon. On a beautiful background, the camels parade as they are saying: "We are the kings of the desert". Other paintings depict the roots of authentic heritage, henna paintings, Majahim looking at sun and moonlight, and camels parading and staring at the verse of the holy Quran: "Do they not look at the camels, how they are created?". The title of the art Exhibition, in fact, shows that words are not enough to describe the greatness of God's creation.
"We came with the idea of painting the longest canvas about camels so as to document the Festival. All visitors have the opportunity to paint with acrylic colors following the mix media, graphic, and airbrush techniques. After their contribution, they can sign the part they painted", Ammar said.
"The art Exhibition aims at preserving the values, customs, traditions and Arab heritage associated with camels. These camels have always played a crucial role in the life of people in the Arabian Peninsula. Strong but beautiful animals, camels have been able to adjust to the harsh environment, thanks to their inherent qualities of loyalty, patience and perseverance," she added.
Ammar hailed the generous invitation of the Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority, within the activities of Al Dhafra Festival, saying, "The Authority gave me an opportunity to communicate my message as an artist and a human being.
“Hence, my brush depicted the beauty and authenticity of our ancestors", she said.