Sharjah Museums Department presents diverse range of workshops

Diverse and rich collections

SHARJAH - The Department of Interpretation and Education at the Sharjah Museums Department (SMD) organized two workshops for adults in June as part of its ongoing efforts to interact with community members, enrich their knowledge, and foster an understanding of museum collections as effective cultural resources.
On Wednesday, 6 June, Sharjah Heritage Museum organized a workshop titled 'The Heritage's Elegance' presented by the Women's Handicrafts Centre which aimed to educate participants about Emirati women's wear which are characterized by simplicity, elegance and colour combinations that is relevant to the Arabic and Islamic tradition.
The participants also learnt about the traditional Emirati apparel, which is characterized by its beautiful colours and loose clothes, thus making the traditional dress favoured by younger generations who inherited their traditional clothing from their grandparents and ancestors. Education Specialists organizing the workshop took commemorative pictures of the participants wearing traditional clothes.
Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization hosted the second workshop titled 'Ebru Art, which was held on Wednesday, 20 June, and was presented by Othman Feedan, a researcher in the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization, who gave an introduction to the Islamic art and its various fields. The Ebru art workshop offered participants the opportunity to explore and enrich their knowledge of this art, and then produce their own piece of artwork.
Commenting on the workshops, Alya Burhaima, The Manager of Interpretation and Education Department at SMD, said, "The Department aims to facilitate access to the people of Sharjah and all its visitors, including university students and workers, to all SMD museums through a diverse range of enjoyable, educational, stimulating, and enlightening programs, events, and materials based on the sites and collections of the museums; so as to foster an understanding of them as active cultural resources."
She added that organizing the Heritage's Elegance workshop came on the sidelines of the inauguration of the Sharjah Heritage Museum and hence the Department would intensify its heritage related programs in correlation with the diverse and rich collections of the museum.