Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority organizes 'Donne' art exhibition

Wide array of artistic techniques

ABU DHABI - The Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority , in collaboration with the Italian Embassy in the UAE, are organizing "Donne", an art exhibition which depicts the Italian female perspective on art. The event will be held in the Exhibition Hall of the National Theatre in Abu Dhabi, from the 26th of March until the 1st of April, 2012.
A number of Italian women artists are taking part in the collective exhibition; namely Ivana Olympia Belloni, Brana, Lorella Cecchini, Laura Colantonio, Emanuela Furia, and Giovanna Magugliana.
“Donne” (Women in Italian) is an art exhibition that brings together these six Italian female artists, who are presenting their works for the first time in Abu Dhabi. Through the works of these artists, the Exhibition will takes us on an artistic journey shaped by their vision. Women paint women. Women emerge of a narrow scope to discover a wide array of artistic techniques.
Each artist, in this collective exhibition, leaves her mark that depicts her own journey in the kingdom of artistic expression. Through the works of these artists, women float on the surface of sharpness, strength, abstraction and cultural pluralism.
The organization of this art exhibition comes within the framework of the strategy of Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority, which aims at attracting various international art expressions, and providing an opportunity to art-lovers in Abu Dhabi to discover them. Such a strategy contributes to the exchange of experiences and the promotion of dialogue between the different cultures and civilizations.