Controversy rages over Gathafi's death

Gathafi is stirring controversy even after his death

MISRATA - Former Libyan leader Moamer Gathafi was "killed by bullets" after his capture Thursday in Sirte, according to the doctor who carried out an autopsy on the dictator and who said late Sunday his report was "unfinished."
Interim prime minister Mahmud Jibril had declared earlier Sunday that the autopsy showed Gathafi had died after being caught in crossfire.
But Doctor Othman el-Zentani, who examined Gathafi's body, said: "My autopsy report is not finished."
Controversy has raged over the circumstances of Gathafi's death after he was taken alive during the fall of his hometown Sirte. The new Libyan authorities have insisted the former dictator died as a result of crossfire while many sources spoke of a summary execution.
Zentani said Sunday he could not give more details as he had to "wait for the green light from my superior," prosecutor-general Abdelaziz al-Ahsadi.
The doctor said he had examined the bodies of Gathafi and former defence minister Abubakr Yunes Jaber on Saturday night and Gathafi's son Muatassim the night before.
The three bodies have been stored in a vegetable market freezer in the eastern city of Misrata, drawing large crowds wanting to view and take pictures of the remains.
Zentani said: "Their wounds showed us how many bullet wounds they received ... we have replies to all the questions," including whether Gathafi died during fighting or was executed.
"We are talking about death by bullets for all three," he said without giving further details.
"The green light (to give details) will be given in the next few days," the doctor said, "and nothing will be hidden."