Day 2 of Liwa Date Festival: More than 260 entries received in Al Dabbas category

WESTERN REGION - Activities of Liwa Date Festival 2011 continued for the second day, attracting a large number of visitors, nationals and residents as well as tourists. Organized by Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH), the region’s first of its kind date festival had a magnetic appeal for visitors who enjoyed the diverse activities, including exciting competitions and programs
More than 400 entries were registered and more than 260 entries were received in Al Dabbas category in the festival main contest ‘Mzainat Al Rutab’, during the first day of the event. The judge panel evaluates entries on such criteria as quality, volume, color and taste of the date. The results shall be announced on the following day after detecting farms according to a number of criteria, including general hygiene, care of the palm, method of irrigation and commitment to deadline in delivering samples as per the predetermined categories and dates. Al Dabbas is widely spread and is mainly located in Abu Dhabi, in Liwa and Madinat Zayed (The Western Region). This type accounts for 50 percent of the total date crop in the emirate and is distinguished by yellow color and oval shape.
More than 47 entries were registered in the ‘Biggest Etheg’ category. The participants competed to offer the heaviest Etheg (the part which carries the dates). Entries varied in weight from 35 to 84.5 kilogram.
The traditional market, which includes 160 outlets, saw overwhelming response from visitors and tourists, who enjoyed the exhibited heritage tools, handicrafts and products made from palm and dates in a way that reflects the spirit of heritage.
The fine arts gallery organized by female students from Mariam bint Omran School in Baniyas plays a significant role in highlighting the importance of palm tree, displaying verses of the holy Quran that mentions the palm. The gallery, also, showcases paintings inspired by the nature of the sandy Western Region and its palms.
The festival, which is considered as a unique tourism and heritage carnival, includes a main competition ‘Mzainat Al Rutab’, in addition to attractive activities which receive a positive response from visitors. These activities include the traditional market which boasts about 160 outlets showcasingtraditional industries, products and handicrafts made from palm and dates, in addition to children tents where diverse heritage and popular contests take place. The festival, also, includes a number of heritage shows and popular games, as well as the educational sessions which aim to spread awareness about the importance of the UAE heritage and highlight the features of this heritage. The Tastes of Tradition Culinary Competition is another highly popular activity during the festival.
A dramatic atmosphere of suspense and pleasure was created with the fireworks which were part of the first evening of the festival.
ADNOC and its Group of Companies are the main sponsor of the Liwa Date Festival 2011. The Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation is the Platinum sponsor; the Dahra Agricultural Company and the Al Foah Palm Cultivation Developing Company are the Gold sponsors; Liwa Hotel is the Silver sponsor, and Abu Dhabi Media Company is the Media sponsor.
Organized by ADACH, Liwa Date Festival is also supported by the Western Region Development Council, the Western Region Municipality, the Western Region Police Directorate, the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority, the Department of Transport, Abu Dhabi Distribution Company and Abu Dhabi Centre of Waste Management.