Libya: NATO raids Gathafi home in Tripoli

NATO took over command of the operation on March 31

TRIPOLI - NATO warplanes early Sunday carried out raids against the port of Tripoli and the residence of Libyan leader Moamer Gathafi near the centre of the capital, a Libyan official said.
"There were two raids on the port and Bab Al-Aziziya", the residence of Gathafi which has already been targeted several times, the official said.
Earlier, around 12:30 am (2230 GMT Saturday) an AFP journalist heard two explosions and a fighter plane flying over the capital at low altitude.
Taken out in a bus by the authorities, international correspondents were unable to gain access to Gathafi's residence. An official said after talking to guards in front of the immense residence: "They're expecting new raids, we don't have permission to go in."
Tripoli's port was targeted late Thursday by NATO aircraft which sank or damaged five warships, while three other vessels were hit in Al Khums and Sirte to the east.
Tripoli is targeted nearly daily with air raids by the international coalition, which launched strikes on March 19 to prevent strongman Gathafi's forces from attacking civilians.
NATO took over command of the operation on March 31.