ADACH opens new branch of National Library in Al Nahyan Camp area


ABU DHABI - The Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage has announced the opening of a new branch of the National Library in the Al Nahyan Camp area.
Readers and visitors are welcomed at the new branch on a daily basis between 8am and 10pm. A range of services and programs are on offer, and these are designed to appeal to all the different social and age groups. Selected books, covering many different fields of specialism, and periodicals, including monthly magazines and scientific journals, are all available in the new branch of the National Library.
The National Library in ADACH provides its services seven days a week and requests and suggestions by telephone, fax or e-mail are always welcome: 026576034-
Jumaa Al Qubaisi, Deputy Director General of ADACH for National Library, said the new branch also “houses the administrative offices for all book industry projects launched by ADACH, namely: the Sheikh Zayed Book Award, the Kalima project, Kitab and the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair and the Qalam project, which publishes the creations of young Emiratis.
The new branch is located in the Al Nahyan Camp / Abu Dhabi. It is located opposite the bus station and the Union Club, next to the Ettihad Bank (please see the attached map).
ADACH has recently announced its intention to launch a number of new regional libraries over the coming period. The aim of this plan is to provide library services to all neighborhoods and develop cultural awareness in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.
The National Library intends to provide a full range of library services. Mobile libraries are planned, and these will complement the provision of library services, making them more accessible to everyone in society. These mobile libraries will be housed in buses which will visit schools, universities, hospitals and other institutions in an effort to cover all sectors of society. Each bus will stock a variety of traditional printed materials, along with digital books, games and programmes.
Five fully-equipped buses will aim to serve all areas of Abu Dhabi.
The Corniche Library is one of the largest libraries due to be opened. It is a vast establishment and visitors are free to roam around its various departments. The Library’s many rooms allow readers to fully enjoy all the services and programs on offer by providing them with quiet places to pursue their studies and research.
An entire floor has been allocated to each collection, and each category has been divided into different age groups and literacy trends for the benefit of readers. The Corniche Library includes an array of audiovisual material. This is located in an area of the library where visitors can talk and exchange views, allowing them to benefit from each others’ experience and projects. This section is equipped with devices which allow visitors to listen to music and watch cinema screens and is comprised of a music room and a large lounge. A wide range of educational games, CD-ROMs, computers and free wireless Internet are also available in this area.
The Corniche Library includes a children's library which stocks a range of children’s books for ages three and over. This area of the Library has also allocated space for live performances for the children to enjoy. The Library’s auditorium is made up of 11,000 titles and contains eighty seats of various sizes which are designed to suit children of different ages. The auditorium also provides exhibition space and an area where educational games can be played.
The Library has dedicated a full floor to books from the UAE and Arab Gulf. This floor provides an appropriate environment for research and study with its excellent interior design, including a range of murals that reflect the history and heritage of the UAE and Gulf Arab states. There is an extensive collection of books which are dedicated to the history of the region, and there are also a variety of audiovisual materials and exhibition screens designed to provide visitors with information on the area. Visitors also have access to computers and wireless Internet. . The library contains 10,000 titles and can accommodate up to ninety readers at any one time.
The academic department within the Corniche library contains specialized collections in a variety of fields, including a diverse selection of sources, references and dictionaries. The department also includes collections covering the topics of philosophy, psychology, social sciences, languages, pure and applied sciences, arts, literature and history. There are also many local and global periodicals in both Arabic and English on offer, as well as self-service materials for hire and search screens. The room has 20,000 articles and can accommodate up to seventy visitors, providing them with wireless Internet services and databases.
The 5527 square-metre library of the Abu Dhabi Trade Centre is also expected to open shortly. It has 250,000 titles in print and 10,000 articles available electronically. It also stocks educational materials for children in the areas of arts, music, crafts and creativity. The area designated for young people contains educational games and facilitates poetry reading and listening to music. The library also includes rooms for quiet reading, studies, research and multimedia. There are meeting facilities available to guests, and self service facilities which include site hire and the use of a 24-hour radio frequency.
The library stocks a large number of articles dealing with the history and heritage of the UAE. It also has facilities for the display of exhibitions and live performances in the form of music, theatre and free readings.
A library for children and young people has been allocated to the Mazyad Mall because of the high population density in this region. There are also a large number of primary schools in the area, which cater for the dominant 6 – 12 year age groups. The 794 square-metre library provides a number of services for schools, such as educational games, puppet theatre, cinema and story narration. It also offers programs for parents to develop their children’s literacy skills.
The 594 square-metre Al-Raha Mall Library provides the same services and programs.
The Al Nahyan Library is located amongst a number of schools and universities, and this proximity is reflected in its contents. It contains a collection of modern references in addition to books covering all aspects of human knowledge. The Library provides hiring, photocopying and referencing services.
The National Library has also established a library in the Al Ain Shopping Centre. The library includes more than 30,000 articles, ranging from audiovisual to reference books, and contains publications in all their forms as well as self-service areas.