Libya contact group unites in Gathafi ouster call

'Gathafi's regime has lost all legitimacy'

DOHA - The contact group on Libya insisted Moamer Gathafi leave power, in a final statement read out on Wednesday at the end of its first meeting.
The group "affirmed that Gathafi's regime has lost all legitimacy and he should leave and allow the Libyan people to decide their future", said the statement, read out by Qatar's prime minister.
The international contact group is eyeing a conditional ceasefire in the conflict, French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe said on Wednesday.
"We want to achieve a ceasefire but on condition it's a real ceasefire under real control, not just a halt to firing," he told a press conference at the end of a one-day meeting in the Qatari capital.
He said any ceasefire must comply with UN resolutions and entail the withdrawal of Gathafi's forces from captured towns and a return to barracks.
The contact group decided to set up a "temporary financial mechanism" to aid the rebels fighting Gathafi, in a final statement after talks in Doha on Wednesday.
It said they "agreed to set up a temporary financial mechanism to act as a means for the Transitional National Council and international community to manage aid revenues and secure short-term financial needs," without giving figures.
Following are the main points of a final statement issued after a first meeting of the contact group on Libya, involving some 20 countries and organisations in Doha:
- Participants "agreed to continue to provide support to the opposition, including material support, consistent with UNSCRs (UN Security Council Resolutions) 1970 and 1973 ... and the delivery of humanitarian aid."
- Gathafi and his regime have "lost all legitimacy and he must leave power allowing the Libyan people to determine their own future."
- "The INC is a legitimate interlocutor, representing the aspirations of the Libyan people."
- The group were united that "Gathafi's continued presence would threaten any resolution of the crisis. There should be an inclusive political process so that the Libyan people can determine their own future."
- "Participants reiterated that a political solution would be the only way to bring lasting peace to Libya."
- They called for an "immediate end to all attacks on civilians, and for Gathafi and his regime to pull back all regime forces from Libyan cities they have forcibly entered, occupied or besieged."
- "Participants agreed that a temporary financial mechanism could provide a method for the INC (rebel council) and international community to manage revenue to assist with short-term financial requirements and structural needs."
- "The UN secretary general reported that the humanitarian situation in Libya remained serious and in due course approximately 3.6 million people could need humanitarian assistance."
- "It was agreed to hold the second contact group meeting in Italy, and the date to be determined in the near future."