Tunisia's courts handling 192 cases of sniper killings

The hunters are now hunted

TUNIS - Tunisia's courts are handling nearly 200 cases of killings by snipers committed during the uprising that toppled the president on January 14, the official TAP agency reported Thursday.
"The courts have taken up 192 cases of killings of Tunisians by snipers during the events of the revolution," TAP reported.
Several members of the security forces had been arrested, warrants had been issued against others and work was continuing to identify other suspects, the agency added.
Tunisia's transitional government has on several occasions denounced a plot by supporters of the former president Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali to provoke chaos in the country.
The country was shaken by bloody clashes in several regions during the uprising, with 25 demonstrators killed by snipers in the town of Kasserine alone, according to hospital sources.