Djibouti holds solidarity march for quake-hit Japan

Devastating earthquake and tsunami

DJIBOUTI - Thousands of Djiboutians marched in the streets of this capital city on Wednesday to show solidarity with the survivors of Japan's devastating earthquake and tsunami.
President Ismael Omar Guelleh and members of his government joined the march organised by civil society groups.
"We wanted to show our solidarity with our Japanese brothers and sisters who are undergoing a very difficult moment," said a march organiser who gave his name only as Abdillahi.
"It is in these difficult times that you know your friends."
Djibouti is a small African country strategically located where the Red Sea joins the Gulf of Aden. It hosts the only US military base in Africa and the largest overseas French army base.
Japan is also to open its first ever overseas base in the country.
More than 25,000 people have died or went missing in the powerful quake on March 11.
Wednesday's march was the first mass rally in Djibouti since a February 18 opposition protest was quashed by police.