ADACH takes Hamdoon character into children's libraries

Illustrated and written by Emiratis

ABU DHABI -The Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH) announced the release of the first edition of the series of the “Hamdoon” character illustrated stories during the ongoing Abu Dhabi International Book Fair 2011. This book is the first of the Hamdoon project publications for this type of stories. It is the first story illustrated by an Emirati artist. The story’s script is written by a team of Emirati innovators.
The Hamdoon book is available in the Fair this year at a stand where picture stories are sold and gift bags are distributed to children. Visitors can register on the Hamdoon Facebook page through the stand which is located beside the children's corner at the Fair. The walls of the Fair are decorated with the Hamdoon illustrations and Hamdoon welcomes children in the Fair.
As part of the events, there is a daily draw on five Hamdoon illustrated books signed by the creative author of the character Abdullah Al Sharhan. Together with the children, Fazaa volunteers also would take part in the organization of these activities.

Hamdoon is a loved Emirati child at the age of six. He has a natural, enthusiastic and intelligent character. He is passionate about knowing everything, and never stops asking. Hamdoon is adventurous, does not hesitate to take risks, and does not like to sit behind closed doors. He does not stop searching and exploring, and likes to unravel mysteries.
In the story, Hamdoon and his twin sister Hamdah go back to Abu Dhabi on a holiday with their grandparents. For the first time, Hamdoon begins to explore and get acquainted with the Emirati customs and traditions. He enjoys these traditions through comic situations with his family members and new friends.
The first edition of the illustrated series includes interesting adventures for Hamdoon that can be enjoyed by all family members. The book is published in two editions, Arabic and English.
The Hamdoon project, one of the strategic projects of ADACH, is aimed at promoting the Emirati culture and heritage among the young generations. This is achieved through the production of a cartoon series for Hamdoon and his friends. The first season of the cartoon series will be launched later this year. The project also involves the use of Hamdoon character in several activities of communication with children, and through ADACH's educational initiatives. As part of this, ADACH will publish several booklets that cover the elements of culture and heritage by using Hamdoon as a guide for children in these booklets.
This is similar to the Young Archaeologist programme organized by ADACH in Al Ain museum, and the series of booklets published by the authority about the tangible and intangible elements of heritage, such as “An Illustrated Journey with the Camel”, “An Illustrated Journey with the Falcon”, and others. All these are activities that contribute to getting the young generations absorb the Emirati culture and heritage in a funny, interesting educational framework.
ADACH's sponsorship of the project comes as part of its priorities to support young Emirati artists. An Emirati team works on the Hamdoon project, involving the author of the character Abdullah Al Sharhan and others who work on writing the story and the script, in addition to the voices of the series actors.