Why The EU Should Be Tough on Somaliland’s Unpopular Regime?

Silanyo, an aged president with severe type of dementia who could be better ruler without the illness, recently returned from Addis Ababa to Hargeisa while the local mass media awaits him to brief on issues discussed with Addis Ababa government. But unexpectedly, his Friendly Nurse Dhuxul and Mr. Hashi, former qualified Home Care worker-turned minister of the aviation absolutely rejected any press interaction with the president without the courage to reveal politely that the president contracted dementia. They were filmed yelling at the press in action “no Q & A session for the president leave him alone!” told another Friendly Nurse escorting him to his car. Warana’ade, a minister with familiarly unparalleled track record of sycophancy embarrassed to the core.
Neither the Guurti, House of Elders nor the Parliament called for impeachment though his signs of severe dementia that somehow incapacitated his mental strength were obvious “I met the president of Ethiopia” rather than saying the premier! He uttered, his Private Nurses hurried to help him get in the car and rush to the State House to hide his disorderly speech and give barbiturates to him perhaps.
The president can’t stand up never mind to rule is the talk of the town and has been dramatized by poets, artists ,and stand-up comedians, Xooran, notorious comedian from the same clan as the president before his hands were lubricated startled his audience “ Syrian war won’t stop “said the president. “ Who told you? “My wife” all answers were from his wife. The comedian hinted that the First Lady is in charge of the state affairs and decides on his behalf. People makes butt of silly jokes of him. The octogenarian president struggling with dementia needs break from politics. He declared to quit politics out of fear of the late charismatic leader Egal who assigned him for dirty tasks and ultimately buried him alive politically. He was lonely fox. Where was the Friendly Nurse Hirsi at the time who barks at anybody that passes by the president?
Somaliland have retreated ill-fated policies out of its freewill act during the president Dahir Riyale Kahin, and it could do so again but the president was inactive for the apparent reason and held hostage to materialist brutes . TVs showed Ukuse or Wara’ade saw him off to bed or awakening him to take breakfast. This spoon-feeding is more akin to bed sheets and bathing. “Such disable president can’t be trusted with the fate of the nation”, Mr. Seed First Deputy Chairman of Wadani party stated.
Sadly, the internal mechanism for change is off, therefore the US and EU and other Somaliland partners should disdain at the government whose president unable to handle live press conferences instead of recording clips on his bed like Osama in the hideout caves. Somaliland at the helm of children-in-laws and emotional women would risk the same fate of its failed twin Somalia met.
Muse Bihi the chairman of Kulmiye ruling party and Sayli the VP from Borame co-signed two different elections timelines with opposition parties along the presence of the international community but, sadly, both were overruled Salaben Gaal of the House of Elders illegally.
Fifth column within the system avowed to destroy Somaliland for ulterior motive. Islamists in sheep’s clothing are the ones who bankrolled Kulmiye to the power, a party that embraces every policy that goes by without any consideration of strategic consequences to or in Somaliland. It’s no coincidence that major ministries’ went to dangerous Sheikhs.
Responsible world leadership has important void to fill. Smaller democracies like ours in the process of learning good governance always need outside help to stay on the right track. Arbitration is necessary as much as it was during Silanyo’s opposition era when Ethiopian State Minister flew to Hargeisa to prevent Somaliland from sliding back to anarchy and possible spillover of the crisis to neighbor countries. Kulmiye party supporters may call the current mediation by foreign parties as an “external intervention” but remember they accepted yesterday, why not now? The world and the rest of Somalilanders aren’t naïve to buy, when it serves their interest “it’s Islamic obligation to reconcile Muslims by whosoever regardless of faith” but when they perceive mediation outcome may undermine their authoritarianism, it’s silly and unwanted. K (or Q) ulmiye party brags that US and EU threats on Sudan failed, so any threat on Somaliland would be counterproductive which isn’t true.
Somaliland’s current policies make her look gradually sinking.
Unless the region and The EU should cut all indirect diplomatic ties and withdraw carrots to bomb them back to the accord co-signed by all, Somaliland insane ruling party won’t make concessions in order to keep the country intact, but only on the surface. Therefore, leaving Somaliland to its own devices isn’t answer. Kulmiye locally known as Qudhmiye or the rotting with childish mentality that doesn’t care about the blowback of his recklessness will lead Somaliland into colossal defeat. Abdirahman Mohamed Dirye, Somaliland Activist, Political Commentator, and Senior Editor at Democracy Chronicles writes Somalilandmonitor.net; his works appear in Jerusalem Post, African Review, Big News Network, Toronto Telegraph, New York Statesman, Austin Global, and Sudan tribune, Middle East Online. mrdirye@gmail.com