Washington Post reporter may soon get verdict in Iran

Jason Rezaian has been in custody for more than a year

TEHRAN - The verdict in Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian's trial for allegedly spying on Iran will be announced "within a week", his lawyer said as his trial ended Monday.
Leila Ahsan said she presented the reporter's defence in Tehran and that there would be no further hearings unless an appeal is lodged when the judgment is announced.
"The verdict will be issued and communicated to us within a week," she said.
"I expect my client to be acquitted as he is innocent. There is no reason to accuse him in the lawsuit. My client is completely innocent."
Ahsan said she presented Rezaian's defence verbally to the judge and also submitted 20 pages of written argument.
She added that she expected Rezaian's wife Yeganeh Salehi, also a journalist, and a third unnamed accused, a photographer arrested at the same time, to face court proceedings once his verdict is given.
"The verdict for Mr Jason Rezaian will be delivered and her (Salehi's) trial and the third person's will be later," Ahsan added.