UAE convicts 30 for forming Brotherhood cell

The Egyptians will be deported after serving their sentences

ABU DHABI - A court on Tuesday jailed a group of 30 Emiratis and Egyptians to terms ranging from three months to five years for forming a Muslim Brotherhood cell, a judicial source said.
The cell comprised 10 Emiratis and 20 Egyptians, including six who remain at large and were sentenced in absentia. The Egyptians will be deported after serving their sentences, the source said.
The group is banned in much of the region, and the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia pledged billions of dollars in aid to Egypt after the military in July overthrew president Mohamed Morsi, who hails from the Brotherhood, and launched a crackdown on his supporters.
The Egyptian defendants, including doctors, engineers and university professors, were arrested between November 2012 and January 2013, according to Human Rights Watch.
The 10 UAE citizens were among 69 nationals jailed in July for up to 15 years on charges of plotting to overthrow the government.
They belonged to a group of 94 defendants, including 13 women.
Prosecutors said the accused were linked to Al-Islah, a group with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.