Tunisian publishers accuse Marzouki of ‘contempt’, boycott his book

Unable to get rid of past complexes towards his country

TUNIS - A book written by the Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki, entitled "The Invention of Democracy: The Lessons of the Tunisian Experience", has created controversy even before its publishing by the French publishing house "Discovery", scheduled for April 11.
The controversy was not been stirred by the book’s content, since the book itself has not been put on sale yet.
Art Libris bookstore launched, on Sunday 31 March, a boycott call that was posted and circulated on social networks. The source of controversy was the fact that the Tunisian president has preferred a French publisher for his book, a preference that was considered as a form of "contempt" by local book professionals in Tunisia.
Art Libris issued this unequivocal message: "Boycott Marzouki's latest book, published in France, in total disregard of the Tunisian publishers. Unacceptable! Do not become complicit in this anti-national act committed by the alleged Tunisian Head of State."
Feature articles, regularly published by Moncef Marzouki, on the website of the satellite channel Al Jazeera have already stirred a controversy.
And some had even accused the Tunisian President of being paid for his contributions to this foreign website. The presidency denied and rejected these allegations.
Yet, the claims reflect a climate of suspicion that has been maintained by many opponents of Marzouki, and a large numbers of Tunisians.