Syria opposition chief demands UN seat

Fiery speech

DOHA - Syria's opposition chief demanded in a fiery address after taking over his country's seat at an Arab League summit on Tuesday that he be allowed to represent Syria at the United Nations.
Ahmed Moaz al-Khatib, head of the Syrian National Coalition opposition grouping, also insisted that Syria's future should not be determined by foreign powers.
"We demand ... the seat of Syria at the United Nations and at other international organisations," Khatib said, addressing Arab leaders at the Doha summit.
Syrian people alone should determine who rules the country, said Khatib, who on Sunday resigned his post although his resignation has yet to be accepted by the Coalition.
"They ask who will rule Syria. The people of Syria will decide, not any other state in this world," Khatib said, possibly alluding to accusations by Damascus that the rebels are implementing Qatari and Saudi agendas.