Rebels surrender heavy arms in Syria's Ghouta

Syrian government forces have taken full control over Douma

BEIRUT - The remaining rebels in Syria's battered Eastern Ghouta have surrendered their heavy weapons and their leader has left the enclave for the north, a war monitor said on Thursday.
"Jaish al-Islam fighters handed over their heavy weapons to Russian military police in the town of Douma on Wednesday," said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
Their head, Issam Buwaydani, left the enclave on the same day and arrived in opposition-controlled territory in northern Syria, the monitor said.
Syrian government forces have taken full control over Douma, Russian news agencies reported on Thursday, citing a Russian military official.
"The raised state flag over a building in the town of Douma has heralded the control over this location and therefore over the whole of eastern Ghouta," Major-General Yuri Yevtushenko, head of the Russian peace and reconciliation centre in Syria, was quoted as saying.