Qatar opens refugee camp in Tunisia for Libyans

Tunisia has welcomed around 415,000 refugees, many of them foreigners since violence erupted in Libya

TUNIS - Qatar has opened a government-financed refugee camp in southern Tunisia to host Libyans fleeing violence in their country, a camp official said Monday.
The camp provides refuge to 1,600 people out of around 60,000 Libyans who have flooded the region following violent clashes between insurgents and forces loyal to Colonel Moamer Gathafi, said camp manager Mohamed Al-Koubaythi.
The Arab emirate set up the camp in a stadium in Tataouine for security reasons and began accepting refugees on May 21, he said.
"We chose the stadium for security reasons. There is only one entrance and the Tunisian army searches each person who enters the camp," he added.
Two other refugee camps are in the vicinity -- a United Nations-sponsored one in Remada and another at Dehiba crossing managed by the emirate's Red Crescent branch.
Since violent unrest erupted in Libya in February, Tunisia has welcomed around 415,000 refugees, many of them foreigners.