Poetry Academy publishes poems dedicated to Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan

ABU DHABI – The Poetry Academy of the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH) published selected poems by the late Emirati poet Hamad Khalifa Bou Shihab which were dedicated to the founder of the UAE, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God bless his soul.
The new release comes as part of the Academy's publication of Bou Shihab's whole works in a number of poetry series. The poetry selection was first published in the late 1980s and its second edition was released in 1991. The Academy's latest edition comes in a 85-page prestigious from.
The book included nine long poems, two of which were written in the Nabati (local) dialect, found at the end of the selection. The titles of the nine poems are: "Good News that is Sung to You"; "Oh Feast, Take Me Few Years Back"; "From the Heart to My People: Greetings"; "Oh Feast, Expect from Your Master a Meeting"; "Greetings to you from Yaarub and all his Sons"; "Stop at the Meanings and Salute the Leaders Who Builds"; "Poetry Blossoms by Him and Logic Elevates"; "Our Heritage, He Who Has Made Glory with Palms"; and "Congratulations, Praise and Salutations for You".
All the poems in the selection expressed deep emotions of love and loyalty to the founder of the UAE, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who is credited with the development of the country and numerous achievements both at the local and Arab levels.
At the introduction of the book, the poet wrote: "Sheikh Zayed of goodness has, by the will of God, united our nation, and brought about a brotherhood among our leaders. Sheikh Zayed of goodness is a perceptive man who transformed the barren desert into fertile gardens, whose fruits are easy to pick by everyone. To him I dedicate these sparking poems from one heart of many of the people of UAE who hold for him only the highest forms of love and respect."
Bou Shihab adds in his introduction: "This gift is not merely a rose in a garden where the high winds have blown the beautiful scent into its surrounding and then time has rendered it useless, but it is the beat of feelings that are made by the wings of a poet that lived in two contrasting eras. One was an era of drought that sometimes entertains hope while at other times in despair; while the other era was of prosperity and harmony. May God keep us away from the first era and preserve for us the second, in His protection and care."
The structure of Bou Shihab's poems reflect his strong language command, his experience in writing the original "Amoudi" (classical) poems, and his vast knowledge of culture and heritage. His linguistic eloquence in classical Arabic manifests itself on the language structures of his two Nabati poems. Here are two examples from the selection. The first was written on the occasion of the inauguration of the Maarab Dam:
Greeting to you from Yaaruband his sons Four corners of the world talk about you
You have been received by its hills Hearts, palms and arms
History without you paused for a short while Reflecting, patiently gathering thoughts
Balqees (Queen of Sheba) appears from above To look at you, and how can she not
The second on the 23rd anniversary of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan accession to power in Abu Dhabi. He writes:
Congratulations, praise and salutations for you Crowned with laurels and anadem
Sent to from the deep hearts From the highest of heels which astonishes minds and sights
The Poetry Academy had signed in 2009 an agreement with the heirs of Bou Shihab in which ADACH would have the right to publish or re-release the works of the late poet. So far the Academy has published, in addition to this collection, the books "Pauses" and "A View of the UAE's Past". Both publications attracted vast interest from readers, prompting the Academy to print second editions for them.