Plethora of events: Abu Dhabi International Book Fair bustles with visitors

Over 200,000 guests

ABU DHABI - The Abu Dhabi International Book Fair (ADIBF) has unveiled a dynamic new events schedule as part of its annual Cultural Programme to strengthen the event's standing as the publishing industry's leading professional platform in the MENA region.
Bookworms including children had plenty to be thrilled about at the 23rd edition of the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair where exhibitors from across the world gathered, piling up their shelves with hundreds of books.
Welcoming over 200,000 guests, ADIBF has planned a plethora of literary discourse and seminars to strengthen the industry’s publishing platform in the MENA region. Sheikh Zayed Book Award Hosts Three Seminars
During the ADIBF, the Sheikh Zayed Book Award, celebrated as the most important cultural event in the Arab region, hosts three seminars with winners of the prestigious award.
Elizabeth Kassab, winner of the Development and Building of Nations Award and author of work "Al Fikr Al Arabi Al Mu'aser" (Contemporary Arab Thought) joined Dr Masoud Daher, Member of the Scientific Committee of the Award on the discussion sofa to chat about her book and what it means to her to win the SZBA, and her work on understanding the process of "cultural decolonization" within the Arab context.
Her thought-provoking session on the Discussion Sofa centred on the need to cultivate critical thinking in the region, particularly in Arab academic institutions.
"It is still unreal to me that I have been given this award considering the type of book this is," she said. "This is why I am so grateful and it is really meaningful to me. It gives me confidence."

Three seminars with winners of prestigious award

Her work is the first survey and analysis of major trends and thinkers through the application of a comparative perspective that brings the Arab world into conversation with Africa, the United States, Europe, and Latin America.
Fethi Meskini, winner of the Translation Award, was also joined on the discussion sofa by Dr. Khalil Sheikh. Fethi discussed his work on translating the most important work of Martin Heidegger, which has profoundly influenced 20th-century philosophy; his work thus has become one of the most important philosophical references to be translated in its entirety to Arabic language.
Meskini has distinguished his work by the style he has adopted to explore Deleuze's philosophy, which stems from the original works of the philosopher, then tying it with the other philosophical works preceding his own, starting from Greek works through the Middle Ages and Renaissance until the present time.
The final seminar, which takes place on Sunday April 28th, will be a discussion between Adil Hadjami, winner of the Young Author Award, and Dr. Mohammed Bennis. Adil won his award for his book 'Falsafat Jeel Deleuze' (Deleuze philosophy on Existentialism and Difference), examining the life and work of the French Philosopher Gilles Deleuze (1925 - 1995) and the origins of his philosophy.
In Falasfat Jeel Deleuze, Hadjami unveils Deuleuze's core interpretations and tracks its historical timelines. Adil Hadjami is a professor of German philosophy with a record of authored and translated works in European philosophy. His work is acknowledged with high regards as the Arabic library is in dire need for such scientific resources, which are expected to be a core reference for all Arab scholars of philosophy. Kalimat Showcases Latest Emirati Children's Books
Kalimat, Sharjah-based publishing house dedicated to publishing and distributing high quality Arabic children's books, is showcasing a number of its books through open reading sessions targeting visitors, including families and children, to the book fair.
Tamer Said, Business Development Manager for Kalimat, said:" Kalimat is always keen to be present at cultural events, including local, Arab and international book fairs, as platforms to promote Arabic children's books, foster a love of Arabic language among Emirati children and highlight Kalimat's role in publishing and supporting the Arabic children's book industry."
He said: "our participation also aims to introduce and promote Kalimat's creative authors who proved their competency in entering the child world and capturing children's hearts and minds.”
Kalimat is presenting open reading sessions which include a selection of its publications, where children's book author Fatima Sharafeddine will read her three stories, namely "My Special Story", "In Our New House" and "The Little Girl". Sahar Naja Mahfouz will read from her books "My Letters are Dancing" and "Melia the Giraffe".
High quality Arabic children's books

Other reading sessions will include the reading of the book, "Will the park gates be closed?" and the story "When the camel craves dumplings".
As the first publishing house in the UAE dedicated solely to publishing and distributing high-quality Arabic books for children, Kalimat has an elite group of internationally acclaimed authors and illustrators. Kalimat prides itself with publishing an extensive range of books that highlight traditional Arabic heritage alongside the modern challenges faced by today's children.
Kalimat focuses on the publishing of books that deal with children's issues in the UAE and Arab region, as well as stories that highlight family values, humanitarian relations and concepts about simplicity and through innovative scripts and lively illustrations.
Kalimat aims to encourage a love of reading and Arabic literature among Arab children, and has published over 120 titles since it was established five years ago.