Oman-sponsored exhibition continues to promote true message of Islam

Islam as religion of peace

The Sultanate’s ongoing exhibition on religious tolerance in Oman spreads the true message of Islam as a religion of peace. Peaceful co-existence with other communities and cultures is also a firm practice of the Sultanate, and every effort is being made to create awareness in this direction among people of other countries. This is a noteworthy and dynamic step by the Omani Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs. The organising this exhibition has now moved to Lithuania, its 26th world destination. On the occasion, Dr Mohamed Bin Said Al Ma’mari, Scientific Adviser at the Office of the Minister of Awqaf and Religious Affairs and general supervisor of foreign relations, lauded the ancient history of Lithuania which incorporates various cultures and religions as an example of co-existence.
The exhibition has made a great impact during its long European journey through lectures and publications on Islam. Visitors to the exhibition at all its previous venues have welcomed and praised this effective platform for spreading the message of Islam and acquainting people with the true and value-based principles of the Sultanate that promote peace and understanding among world communities. The expo brings into the international spotlight Sultanate’s continuous drive for world peace, and it is among other initiatives which government has made over the years to foster friendship, acquire knowledge, create awareness of the country’s rich historical and cultural legacy and spread the message of peace and brotherhood. The exhibition aims to strengthen people-to-people relations and, in the process, promote the country as a destination to visit and taste the traditional hospitality of its people. Officials and staff of the exhibition, which is a ‘moving experience,’ are not only projecting the values of Islam but also creating a strong bridge of friendship.
Another initiative which contributes to creating awareness of Sultanate’s historical, religious and cultural values and brings together teachers, scholars and researchers is the establishment of the Sultan Qaboos Academic Chairs in several universities and institutions in other countries. Seminars, like the one titled ‘Cutting-edge Contributions to Middle Eastern Studies,’ held late last year at the University of Cambridge, helped to create understanding among cultures and encourage cooperation among civilisations. Such academic gatherings are in line with Sultanate’s policy to bridge the gap between cultures.
Government is playing a proactive role on several fronts in this direction through exhibitions, seminars and festivals that focus on enriching the human experience. In fact, this has been the practice since ancient times and history records that Sultanate’s ships sailed to far corners of the globe to trade and interact with local communities, learn about their cultures and create awareness of its own culture among them.
This invaluable human endeavour continues today on different platforms, and it has been instrumental in increasing trade and people-to-people relations with other countries and earning a respected place for the Sultanate in the international community.
This Omani endeavor illustrates a deep-rooted tradition for religious tolerance and solid principles of peaceful coexistence and harmony among the nations.