Morocco foils terror attack

Another successful anti-terror operation

RABAT - Morocco's interior ministry announced on Friday the foiling of a terror attack in another operation in several cities across the country.
The operation led to the dismantling of the seven-member cell in five cities, namely El Jadida, Settat, Sale, Meknes and Taza, the ministry said in a statement.
The police raided the cell's safe house in the coastal city of El Jadida, some 190 km south of the capital Rabat, said the ministry, adding that the cell’s mastermind was preparing terror attacks following orders from field leaders of the Islamic State jihadist group.
Anti-terror police seized firearms, ammunition, bladed weapons, telecommunication devices, chemical substances and suspicious liquids.
The ministry said that these materials were likely to be used in the manufacturing of explosive devices.
The police started since the early hours an operation in El Jadida where real bullets and loud explosion were heard.
The ministry stressed that the cell planned also to recruit young people to conduct spectacular operations that sought to kill as many people as possible.
Morocco dismantled 19 terrorist cells in 2016, most of which were linked to IS, according to official figures.