Morocco dismantles IS-linked terror cell

Another foiled terror attack

CASABLANCA - Moroccan authorities foiled a terrorist plot in the North African country, according a statement issued Saturday by the interior ministry.
The Central Bureau of Judicial Investigation managed to foil a terrorist plot aimed at undermining the security and stability of the Kingdom and spreading terror among citizens, said the statement.
Some 11 terror suspects loyal to the Islamic State Group were arrested in Fez, Meknès, Khouribga, Casablanca, Zouaia El Sheikh, Sidi Bennour, Damnat and Sidi Harazem.
The mastermind of the terrorist network and one of his partners were arrested in a safe house in Fez. Weapons and suspicious liquids which were likely to be used in manufacturing explosives were also seized during the operation.
The members of the dismantled terrorist cell planned to carry out extremely dangerous terrorist operations that would target sensitive sites, at the behest of IS coordinators, said the statement, adding that one of its members was highly experienced in the manufacture of explosives and explosives.
This pre-emptive security operation confirms once again the serious repercussions of the "Islamic State" propaganda machine, which has been urging its followers to intensify terrorist attacks outside its areas of influence after the noose was being tightened on IS jihadists in Syria and Iraq.