Morocco ‘categorically’ denies Spanish lawyer was banned entry

José on his way to the court room

RABAT - Rabat categorically denied the allegations published Sunday by the Spanish Press Agency EFE that the police banned a Spanish lawyer from entering Morocco.
Serrano Ramirez Francisco José and confiscated his passport.
EFE reported that the Moroccan police banned the entry of Serrano Ramirez Francisco José into Morocco and confiscated his passport.
The General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) categorically denied the allegations, confirming that he entered Morocco via Tanger-Med port on Sunday night.
José filled in an entry form which he stated that he was traveling to Rabat, said the DGSN in a statement published on Tuesday.
It stressed that the Spanish lawyer arrived on Monday in the Court of Appeal in Salé, where he fulfilled all the usual formalities before entering the court room.

The DGSN concluded that José was not subjected to any restriction of his displacement, nor had he been prohibited from entering the Moroccan territory.
José is among many foreign lawyers and observers attending the trial of the prosecuted in connection with the deadly events of Gdim Izik.
In November 2010, Moroccan authorities dismantled a camp in Gdim Izik inhabited by around 10,000 Sahrawi dissidents in the outskirts of Laayoune in southern Morocco.
The move to break up the camp degenerated into clashes around the camp and in Laayoune, where a number of government offices and businesses were sacked and burned. At least 13 people died, including 11 members of the security forces
In February 2013, the Rabat Military Court sentenced those involved in the case between 20 years to life imprisonment for "forming criminal gangs and violence against the security forces causing death with premeditation and complicity."
The Court of Cassation subsequently quashed last July the verdict pronounced against the 24 people convicted in this case and ordered the case to be referred to the Court of Appeal.