Moroccan military hospital to be deployed in Gaza

King Mohammed VI orders deployment of Royal Military Medical Field Surgery Hospital in Gaza Strip two days after inaugurating mosque he named “Palestine” in Casablanca.

CASABLANCA – Moroccan King Mohammed VI gave his instructions for the deployment of a Royal Military Medical Field Surgery Hospital in the Gaza Strip on Palestinian territory.

The monarch’s humanitarian initiative seeks to provide the necessary care to the wounded Palestinians in the recent escalations in Gaza.

On the day the United States opened its new embassy in occupied Jerusalem, Israeli troops killed 60 Palestinian demonstrators near the border in Gaza. Israel says the violence was incited by Hamas, the Islamist group that runs Gaza. Hamas denies blame.

King Mohammed VI’s action in the holy month of Ramadan was in line with his historic and constantly renewed commitments as Chairman of the Al-Quds Committee to the Palestinian cause and demonstrated the active and effective solidarity with the Palestinian people.

On Friday, the Moroccan monarch inaugurated a mosque in Casablanca that he called "Palestine".