Libya wants more time to update ICC on Gathafi's son

Will Libyans renounce desire for revenge?

THE HAGUE - Libya has asked for three more weeks to mull the possible handing over of ousted leader Moamer Gathafi's son Seif al-Islam, after a deadline to inform the International Criminal Court expired on Tuesday.
The ICC Registry said it received a letter Monday in which Libyan authorities asked "for an extension of the time limit to submit their observations regarding the arrest of Seif al-Islam".
"Due to the security situation on Libya, the Libyan authorities are not able to meet the deadline and respectfully request the chambers to grant an extension for an additional period of three weeks," the letter said.
The court's judges on December 6 called on Libya's new leaders to inform them as a matter of urgency if and when they intend to hand over Seif and set a January 10 deadline for a response.
"It is up to the chamber to rule on the Libyan authorities' request (for a delay)," ICC spokesman Fadi El-Abdallah said.
The ICC issued a warrant in June for Seif on charges of crimes against humanity over the conflict in Libya, but after his capture the National Transitional Council said it wanted to try him on Libyan soil.
Seif, 39, who was arrested on November 19 -- almost a month to the day after his father was captured and killed -- is now in the custody of the military council of Zintan 180 kilometres (110 miles) southwest of Tripoli.
Human rights organisations have called on the Libyan authorities to grant him access to a lawyer, but said he appeared to be held in good conditions.