Libya’s Thani in Riyadh

Seeking Saudi help in fighting Islamists

RIYADH - Libya's internationally-recognised Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thani, facing a power struggle with Islamists, arrived in regional kingpin Saudi Arabia on Wednesday, official media reported.
Thani landed in the capital Riyadh where he "was received by Dr Musaed al-Aiban, minister of state and member of the cabinet, and a number of senior officials," the Saudi Press Agency reported without further explanation.
Thani arrived as a suicide bombing killed at least one person and wounded 20 in the town of Tobruk, close to the Egyptian border.
Tobruk is home to Libya's internationally-recognised parliament and was until recently the base for Thani's government, which has since moved to a nearby town.
Parliament and the government took refuge in the remote east when Islamist-backed militias seized the capital Tripoli in August.
The supreme court last week annulled the legislature but its anti-Islamist majority refused to accept the judgement.
Thani's government has accused Qatar and Sudan of supplying weapons to its Islamist opponents.
Both those nations denied the accusation.