Kuwait’s opposition steps up pressure on Prime Minister

Parliament of non-stop disputes

KUWAIT CITY - Kuwait's opposition has requested a meeting with the country's ruler to press for the removal of Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Mohammad al-Ahmad Al-Sabah over alleged corruption, MPs said Sunday.
The decision came following a meeting by 19 opposition MPs in the 50-member parliament Saturday night to "study specific steps that would ensure changing the prime minister," MP Faisal al-Muslim said.
"The opposition group has officially asked the royal court for a meeting with the emir next week," independent opposition MP Mohammad al-Mutair told reporters after the meeting.
Before Saturday's meeting, MPs signed a document prepared by youth activists in which the lawmakers pledged they would continue to work until they topple the government.
Sheikh Nasser, 71, a senior member of the ruling family and a nephew of the emir, has been embroiled in almost non-stop disputes with the opposition since he was appointed to the post in February 2006.
He was forced to resign six times and reshuffle his cabinets several times, in addition to dissolving parliament and holding fresh elections on three occasions.
Disputes intensified in the past few weeks after reports that about 15 MPs have allegedly accepted bribes, estimated at $350 million, apparently as a price for voting in parliament.
The public prosecutor has opened an unprecedented investigation into the case after several local banks referred accounts held by MPs on suspicions of receiving huge illegal deposits.
Some prominent opposition MPs have linked the government to the alleged bribes and accused the prime minister of transferring public funds into his personal accounts overseas. The charges were categorically denied.