Kalima translates 'La Borra Del Café' into Arabic

Written by the renowned Uruguayan writer Mario Benedetti

ABU DHABI– Kalima, the translation initiative of the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH), translated a book titled “La Borra Del Café - Coffee Dregs”, written by renowned Uruguayan writer Mario Benedetti.
The book is Kalima’s first work translated from Spanish into Arabic. It forms part of a series of Spanish titles, which are due to be published soon. The titles have been chosen to be included in the project so they can be made available to Arab readers.
La Borra Del Café novel is characterised by its simplicity and astonishment and is made up of small details that evoke memory and nostalgia. They are all that remains of the author’s memories.
As readers indulge themselves further in the details of Benedetti’s novel, they react emotionally, smiling, laughing or crying as they recall memories of childhood, boyishness or sadness.
The novel also depicts this child’s maturity and show how it develops as his dreams and aspirations grow with him. His outlook on life and many other things has gradually changed.
These moments and details encourage readers to remember these stages of their lives, and feel that they are sharing them with the young Benedetti.
La Borra Del Café is a novel that carries a great sense of the author’s “self”. Those who are familiar with the biography of Benedetti quickly discover that his sense of self is mixed with the narrative in a highly sophisticated manner. A sense of humor and spontaneity are abundant in this outstanding author's writings.
Benedetti (1920-2009) insists that he is a poet before all else. He was also a noted and successful Uruguayan journalist, novelist, and poet.
He has written more than eighty books and collections of poetry. Most of his literary works have been reproduced in the cinema and theatre, giving him a huge fame. He initially shot to fame with one of his most important works, “La Tregua - The Truce” in 1960. The success of this work stunned Benedetti himself. This novel broke records in terms of its sales figures, and the number of editions produced.
Among his collection of novels and short stories are: “Acaso irreparable” (Perhaps Irreplaceable) and “Gracias por el fuego” (Thanks for lighting up the cigarette) (1965), which was one of his bestselling novels.
Benedetti died in May 17, 2009. Among his poetry verses that left a great impression on readers are: If the burial time comes, Please do not forget , and My pen.
“La Borra Del Café ” was translated by Morocco’s Mohammed Al Achiri. Born in 1950, Achiri is a writer and translator. He is currently a Professor of the Spanish language in Casablanca.
He has published four short story collections in Spanish and translated several literary works, including Garcia Marquez’s "The Fragrance of Guava" and Garcia Lorca’s "The House of Bernarda Alba".