Kalima translates Kamala Surayya’s “Ya Allah” poetry collection into Arabic

ABU DHABI – Kalima, the translation project of the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH), published the Arabic translation of a collection of poems written by the famous Indian poetess Kamala Suraiyya.
The book, entitled "The Suraiyya Resonance", contains a full collection of her poetry which had been originally published in Malayalam under the title “Ya Allah” (O God).
This collection reflects the unique life experiences of the great Indian poetess who was nominated for the Nobel Prize for literature in 1984.
She has spent decades looking for the truth of existence and she has made the discovery that in fact the truth lies in the existence of Almighty God, as depicted by Islam.
She expresses her feelings about her lengthy search for the discovery of this truth in her poetry collection "The Suraiyya Resonance"
Never before has either an Arabic or foreign poet been able to express such an experience, yet she has achieved her goal in this comprehensive collection.
Almost all her poems are variations on a theme: her euphoria at reaching and embracing the teachings of Islam.
Suraiyya was born in the Thrissur District of Kerala in1934 into a conservative Hindu Nair (Nallappattu) family known for their interest in culture and literature. Her father is the former managing editor of a widely-circulated daily, and her mother is a renowned poetess.
Until she embraced Islam she wrote most of her poetry in English under the name Kamala Das. Later she wrote under the assumed name of Kamala Suraiyya.
She is regarded as India’s most famous poetess and short story writer, despite not finishing her university studies. She was awarded an honorary doctorate and was nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1984.
The poetry collection was translated by the UAE’s pioneer poet and translator Dr. Shihab Ghanem.
Ghanem, has published forty-four books, including ten poetry collections.