Kalima translates book analysing Edward Said's work into Arabic

Translated by Qusay Anwar Al Thibyan

ABU DHABI – Kalima, the translation project of the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH), has published the Arabic translation of William D. Hart's book "Edward Said and the Religious Effects of Culture".
The book provides an analysis of Edward Said's critique of modern culture. The author sheds light on the distinction between religion and secularism, a constant theme of the book.
This distinction is both literal and metaphorical in that, on one hand, the author points to religious traditions, and on the other he deals with more mundane matters. He also refers to metaphors that expand the meaning of religion and secularism, detailing their sources.
The author addresses these metaphors as the best way to deal with homogeneous texts, whether they appeared in Said's first book “Joseph Conrad and the Fiction of Autobiography"; or in "Orientalism", his most influential book; or in his latest works on the Palestinian question.
According to the book, a religion-secularism duality, which illustrates this distinction with an imaginative continuity of narrative, lies behind Said's cultural criticism and his concept of responsibility. The book also examines his general disagreement with Michael Walzer on the meaning of the Old Testament story of the Exodus.
This book, like others written by the author, tackles topics which address the relationship between power and Western cultural hegemony. It also looks at the different perceptions held by people about the world and global issues.
Dr. William D. Hart is an assistant professor of religious studies at Duke University, and regularly contributes to the American Journal of Philosophy and Theology. He is a member of the American Academy of Religion. His interests revolve around the intersection between religious and critical thought, heritage studies, and naturalism.
The book is translated by Dr. Qusay Anwar Al Thibyan, who holds a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from the University of Arkansas in the United States of America. He works as an Assistant Professor in the English Department at the Hashemite University in Jordan, teaching literature, comparative literature, and literary criticism. His research interests focus on literature, post-colonial theory, Middle Eastern studies, cultural studies, and translation from a post-colonial perspective.