Jordan students demand regime reforms

'Trial of the corrupt'

AMMAN - Hundreds of Jordanian students started a protest camp on Thursday in central Amman, demanding "regime" reforms and "trial of the corrupt."
Around 500 young people from different movements, including the powerful Islamist opposition, braved rain and cold weather to camp out adjacent to the Interior Circle, or Gamal Abdel Nasser Square, in the capital
"The people want to reform the regime. We want trial of the corrupt. Revolts are around us, it is your turn Jordan," they chanted, holding large national flags.
"We want constitutional amendments to have parliamentary governments," Alaa Fazaa, of the Jayeen (We are Coming) group, said.
Frias Mahadin, movie director for the Youth Movement, said the protest "will continue until our demands are met."
"We brought our tents to camp here."
Nehad Zaher, a university student, said he joined the protest "to demand our rights as young people."
"We want justice and jobs. We want to fight corruption and nepotism," he said.
Jordanians have held protests since January demanding reforms and more efforts to fight corruption, but have not called for regime change.
The government has formed a national dialogue committee to speed up reforms, but the panel is facing problems after the Islamists and others rejected taking part in its work.