Jordan journalist detained for 'undermining throne'

He remains in jail a day after King Abdullah II ordered his release

AMMAN - A Jordanian journalist accused of "undermining the throne and constitution" remained in custody on Thursday, a day after King Abdullah II ordered his release.
"The (military) state security court has refused to release from custody Alaa Fazzaa, who is accused of undermining the throne and constitution," a judicial official said.
"He is still in detention after two former ministers filed a complaint that he has allegedly included their names in a Facebook list of people calling for reinstating Prince Hamzah as crown prince."
King Abdullah named his half brother Hamzah as heir following the death of their father King Hussein in 1999. Five years later the king appointed his son Prince Hussein as crown prince after relieving Hamzah of his duties.
Fazzaa faces another complaint after writing an article last week on the news website, claiming that senior officials helped prominent businessman Khalid Shahin, who has been sentenced with three others to three years in jail, leave for medical treatment in the United States.
Shahin was spotted in a London restaurant in April, causing an outcry in country.
"The prosecutor has refused to release Alaa on bail and his lawyer is trying hard now to free him," Fazzaa's wife Mona Batran, said.