High voltage performance thrills visitors of Abu Dhabi Science Festival

Performed by master of electricity

ABU DHABI - The powerful excitement of high voltage bolts of lightning thrilled budding physicists yesterday in the Dr. Megavolt show at the Abu Dhabi Science Festival 2012, as part of the Festival’s commitment to showcase the amazing wonders of science. The Science Festival takes place daily until October 20 in Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) and Corniche (West Plaza) in addition to bespoke locations in Abu Dhabi city, Al Ain and Al Gharbia.
Dr. Megavolt entertains his audience by throwing bolts of electricity across the stage using a million volt Tesla coil while having control of unpredictable sparks of electricity. Festival visitors can still catch the show which will be taking place only until the 13th of October from 18:15pm-18:30pm, 19:30-19:45pm and 20:40-20:20:55pm at the Abu Dhabi Corniche (West Plaza).
This show is among the many Festival’s exciting ‘Explosions and Forces’ themed activities such as the Bigger Bang Show, where spectators witness shock-and-awe science in this high-octane chemistry performance, while in Powers of Perception children find out how easy it is to fool your senses, with optical illusions, hidden faces and spoon bending. Kids will get a chance to wash their hands in liquid nitrogen in the Cool Off show, and the workshop Scream Machines will have the whole family investigate the science found in roller coasters through a series of hands-on, minds-on and body-on experiences.
Rawand Jabai, mother of three expressed her children’s excitement witnessing Dr. Megavolt’s extravagant show saying, “This is the first time I discover that my eldest son Mohamed is so interested in electricity. To hear him say that he wants to study electrical engineering to understand how Megavolt was able to control the sparks is really incredible.”
Thousands of seats have already been pre-booked for favourite activities, and bookings are daily increasing. Visitors can pre-plan their visit and book preferred workshops and shows, which have a limited capacity, through the festival’s website www.abudhabisciencefestival.ae.
Organized by the Abu Dhabi technology Development Committee (TDC), the Abu Dhabi Science Festival is a strategic initiative dedicated to the engagement and inspiration of the nation’s youth with science related hands-on activities as part of a wider plan geared towards building Abu Dhabi’s talent base in Science, Technology and Innovation (STI).