High interest in 'Borrow a Book' service at ADACH

ABU DHABI - The new branch of the National Library, affiliated to the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH), located in the area of Al Nahyan Camp is witnessing a high demand from readers of various age categories and cultural inclinations. The library seeks, through its 'Borrow a Book' initiative, to make available all kinds of knowledge to all those looking forward to a better future.
This is done through a selected set of material and programmes which allow their users to get acquainted with the outcome of human culture with its various orientations and forms. The library seeks to make its services and programmes available to all segments of society. This is done through a number of libraries of districts, areas, shopping malls and book buses.
The library welcomes the readers and visitors throughout the week from 8 am until 10 pm except for Friday when the library opens from 5 pm until 8 pm and Saturday from 9 am until 1 pm and from 5 pm until 8 pm. Three Arabic books or two foreign-language books can be borrowed. The borrow period is two weeks, renewable for a similar period via telephone 02-6576024 , 02-6576034 or the website as the index of the library is available to visitors at http://catalog.adach.ae. Those interested can also visit the National Library Facebook page.
With regard to the view of the visitors about the library, Nur Khalid, 11th form student, says: “I was pleased with the opening of the library of the Al Nahyan Camp. With this quiet place, I can study my lessons and at the same time I can use some reference books available in the library, particularly the dictionaries and the encyclopaedias, such as the American Encyclopaedia. I use these materials to increase my knowledge and broaden my understanding. I also read some general magazines.”
About the reference books used in research, Hadil Ba’bid, a researcher at the Urban Planning Council - Abu Dhabi, says: “I am currently preparing a research study on the preservation and maintenance of monuments. I have found a large number of reference books in the library on this topic in Arabic and foreign languages. I was pleased with this huge amount of magazines and periodicals which deal with the topic of urban planning. In fact, for me, the library here represents an important source for research, learning and entertainment.”
Researcher Ahmad Hasan Al Ali says: “For me, Al Nahyan Camp site represents a distinguished place for reading the material I would like to read. I like the books on the history of the UAE. Because the library is open throughout the day, I had the opportunity to visit the library throughout the week and also on the weekends.”
Reem Al-Hindi, who works in the field of finance and accounting, says: “For me, the library of the Al Nahyan Camp represents an important source for my research and studies related to accounting and finance. I invite all researchers to visit the library thanks to its organization, quiet place and supervisors who have the ability to provide the best library services.
The year 2011 will see the opening of a number of other branch libraries, in addition to the mobile library service, which translates the vision of ADACH and its message that is the “National Library” should represent enjoyment of reading and love for knowledge.
A delegation from Ghuta Institution in Abu Dhabi has recently visited the library where the delegation discussed with the staff a set of topics related to mutual cooperation, particularly in the field of exchange of publications and children’s activities.