Greek archaeology students: Please send us to Iraq

Alexander the Great was here

ATHENS - Greek archaeology students hit by state funding cuts are making an online appeal for donations to join excavations in Iraqi Kurdistan, the state-run Athens News Agency said on Monday.
In a posting on donation site, the group of Athens University students ask for help to cover the 500-euro ($632) plane fare.
"Without wishing to sound like a cliche, everyone knows that times are tough right now," the students said in their posting.
"The university cannot cover the cost of our airplane tickets," they said. "So please donate and send us there."
The university of Athens has three ongoing projects in what was once ancient Mesopotamia, including a topographical survey for the location of the battle of Gaugamela between Alexander the Great and Darius III of Persia in 331 BC.
Darius's defeat is considered to have spelled the end of the Persian Empire.
An excavation will also be held in September at the prehistoric settlement of Tell Nader near Arbil, where last year archaeologists found a mysterious burial rite.
A woman was found buried face-down, her skull marked by bindings worn in her childhood, raising the assumption that she might have been an outcast.