Gathafi forces, Libyan rebels clash at Brega

Brega forms one of the three main frontlines in the Libyan conflict

BREGA, Libya- Artillery exchanges took place on the frontlines of Brega in eastern Libya on Wednesday, an AFP journalist said from behind rebel lines in the eastern outskirts of the coastal oil town.
Mortars and rockets fired by the belligerents landed intermittently on both sides of the frontline between rebel forces and troops loyal to Moamer Gathafi.
Plumes of smoke caused by the impact rose from the beach and sand dunes along the coast.
The frontline of Brega is located about 240 kilometres (150 miles) southwest of the rebels' "capital" of Benghazi in the east. The enclave of Misrata is some 200 kilometres (125 miles) west of Tripoli and the Nafusa mountains.
Brega forms one of the three main frontlines in the Libyan conflict, with the other two at the enclave of Misrata to the east and the Nafusa mountains to the west.
Brega is home mainly to oil facilities, refineries, ports and a residential area.
The front is located near the residential area, where rebel fighters "were able to enter yesterday (Tuesday)," said Faraj Moftah, the rebel commander at the frontline.